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  • 2007年、現在のメンバーであるVOCAL北村、GUITAR佐伯、BASS藤岡、DRUMS金井の4人で結成。
    結成当初より、全国を代表する様々なスタイルのメタルバンドを招聘しながらイベント「METAL RETALIATION」を運営し、今までに東京・大阪の2箇所で計13回開催する。
    2008年、CRYPTOPSY、KRISIUN、BENEATH THE MASSACRE等を手がけたPIERRE REMILLARDをプロデューサーに迎えて初音源の制作を行い、全4曲を完成させるが、発表を中止すると共にライブ活動等を停止。
    2012年、活動を再開し、4月に新曲WINGS OF SUBLIMATIONを発表した。
  • Inherited Truth formed in 2007 by the current four members, Kitamura on vocals, Saiki on guitar, Fujioka on bass, and Kanai on drums.
    The band has produced original metal music by expressing the dramatic cosmology of heavy metal through the seriousness, speed and agression of thrash metal / death metal.
    Since the beginning of the band, Inherited Truth have been managing the live event "METAL RETALIATION", inviting various styles of metal bands that represent Japan, and have held a total of 13 shows in Tokyo and Osaka together.
    In 2008, they completed their first studio work consisting of 4 songs, with Pierre Remillard as the producer who has worked with bands like Cryptopsy, Krisiun, and Beneath The Massacre. However, the band announced cancellation of the release, and stopped playing shows.
    In 2012, Inherited Truth broke the silence to be active again, and in April, released the new song "WINGS OF SUBLIMATION"

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